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Any reasonable offers on the following will be considered! Because time is money, the most favorable offers will be accepted immediately without waiting for competitive bids.

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4J 4J Talkback type speakers, several available with and without hardware - $10 each ( PICT )

Buehler Buehler Surfmet I Belt Surfacer Catalog No.16-1270-160, Ser#411-EMO-1320 Some rust stains - $ make offer ( PICT PICT PICT PICT PICT )

Buehler Buehler Surfmet II Belt Surfacer Catalog No.16-1280-160, Ser#315-EMT-565 Some rust stains - $ make offer ( PICT PICT PICT )

CRANE / Ferguson Company CRANE / Ferguson Right Angle Index Drive (Cam-type for smooth accurate high torque indexing applications) Model FD162 w/ Drive Code 8-F75-180, Hand of Cam: R. -NEW!- Never used and still in original crate! (>$4000 new) - $sold ( PICT PICT PICT PICT PICT PICT PICT PICT )

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As applies to the above items, of course, not sold where prohibited.

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